About Steve.


Steve Budd, Designer & Craftsman
(plus sales, customer service, delivery, installations… )

You know how certain kids shouldn’t be left alone with power tools because “don’t touch that” is just an invitation to, well, touch that? Mike Budd might say his son Steve was that kid.

Growing up in his dad’s cabinet and renovation business gave Steve an early introduction to construction. He was always thinking about how things work together and how to solve physical problems. Dreaming, experimenting and creating in the shop kept Steve busy (but not out of trouble) as a kid. By the time he left university, Steve had solid skills (and all ten fingers) with which he launched Highpoint Customs.

As a skilled and experienced craftsman, Steve knows what you are looking for in your custom investment:

  • Function & Design that work together beautifully
  • Superior Quality for long-lasting enjoyment
  • Excellent Value with a feeling of “money well spent”

Learning from and emulating his dad, Steve built his own business on Mike’s wisdom.

  • Tell people the truth – no false promises, no broken trust
  • Offer excellent quality – no matter how painstaking the best process might be
  • Uphold high value and fair pricing – sleep satisfied after a day of money well-earned.

Ultimately, Steve and his clients want the same things in both the process and the end product. This core principle is what underlies Highpoint Customs’ success and reputation.

Highpoint’s small shop approach means Steve is intricately involved in creating your furniture. From carefully selecting and caring for the wood to hand-mixing the perfect colour of stain, his meticulous hand and watchful eye build one-of-a-kind solutions for your design dilemma.

Sidenote: Mike says Steve exceeds him in every way and produces far above industry standards. Now, that’s not just a proud dad talking. Mike is also a former inspector with the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada. But yes, also a very proud dad – and occasionally Steve’s technical advisor and delivery assistant.