Highpoint Customs started off as a hobby for it’s founder Steve Budd. Originally the idea was to turn used pallets into interesting home décor, and maybe some simple outdoor furniture. The business quickly evolved into a higher quality of furniture after the first couple dining tables he built for family members. Steve puts great pride into the quality of his work and builds furniture that he believes will last for generations.

A carpenter by trade, along with a myriad of other careers, Steve has always loved the creative side of his work. Spending time in the shop building custom furniture allows Steve to express his creative side. Growing up as the son of a carpenter, Steve has been honing his woodworking skills since a young age. He was taught that you learn by trying, so he tried a bit of everything. With his passion for building larger, high quality furniture, Steve has also expanded into metal work. He does most of the metal fabrication and welding in house so that he can have as much control as possible with the outcome of his projects.

The use of recycled materials is something Highpoint Customs is constantly trying to incorporate into projects. Steve loves to go to local saw mills and find wood from trees around the Okanagan that have either fallen in storms, or needed to be taken down for other reasons. The local metal recycling yards are also a frequent stop, searching for interesting pieces of metal, or even just inspiration for projects. Of course, if this isn’t for you, we can always source new materials for your projects.