Maple Live Edge Table


This huge maple slab is from Penticton and has a 110+ year old history until it was lost in a storm. If you are looking for a unique piece of wood, look no further. The quilting in the wood is absolutely amazing, and is expressed in almost the entire slab.

Sanded to a high finish and then coated with Odie’s Oil, this table is 100% food safe and environmentally friendly. Odie’s oil penetrates the wood and protects it from the inside, not just by building a coating on the surface. This allows for wood furniture to still FEEL like wood, and is far more resistant to scratching or staining.

The table comes with a set of black steel legs like the last picture, but custom legs could be made on request and included, depending on style.

Size: 80" L x 42-53" W


  • Maple
  • Epoxy

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